The violin studio of Ewa Dharamraj

What parents have to say about Ewa
"Ewa is an exceptional teacher! She knows exactly what it takes to get each student to the next level. Her enthusiasm and boundless patience have made learning the violin a wonderful experience for my daughter."
Brian B.

"We are so pleased to have found Ewa as our violin and piano teacher! She is a wonderful instructor to our two elementary ages daughters. Her patience and talent are endless. She always knows the best teaching approach, which includes presenting the next challenge when appropriate. Ewa consistently motivates our girls to achieve and fulfill their music goals."
Lisa and Will S.

"Mrs. Ewa is the true meaning of "One in a Million"! When I first heard about how many hours she expects you to practice I was scared, I thought she was going to be mean and strict! Instead she was loving, sweet, and caring. You can tell she loves her job and her students because of how well they play and the type of bond we have with her ! She is an Amazing violinist and I'm striving to be even better with her help! Mrs. Ewa also has THE best personalities a person can have, she's funny yet serious at the same time! She pushes you to work hard and succeed at anything you want in life and I appreciate her for pushing me and making me a better individual Thank you".
Mercedes R.